Grade 8/9 English-Questions

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Students are to work on Chapter 4-6 questions for the novel "Touching Spirit Bear". Questions will be discussed in tomorrow's class.

1) Why is it significant that Cole gives a threatening look to Peter at the beginning of the Circle?

2) Do you think everybody has a good reason for being at the Circle? Explain.

3) What mistake does Cole admit to making on the island?

4) Describe Cole's first encounter with the Spririt Bear.

5) Review the four comments made about Cole on page 46. Which comments to you agree with? Why?

6) What does Cole accuse his father of?

7) Why doesn't Cole's mother say anything about it?

8) Garvey says that Cole's dad wasn't the only one lying during the Circle. Who else was?

9) Do you think banishment is a good idea? Why or why not?