Grade 1 math

   Good afternoon moms, dads and guardians!

    We are off to a great start and I am so happy with my terrific new class.  We are having fun so far and laughs along the way.

I want to remind you to send in the 'Request for Dental Care' from, if you haven't already.

I am also sending home today a letter explaining what we are doing in Math.  We have started a unit called Representing Numbers to 20.  It says Unit 2 at the top but this is actually the first unit we  do.  The letter gives you a break down of topics we will be coveing in this unit.  The front of the page tell you about the focus we are doing at the moment.  On the bottom right hand corner there is a HOME CONNECTION activity. This is a quick fun activity that lets you know  what we are currently doing as well as a fun pratice for your child.

Thank you!