Good afternoon to all!

     Well, it's hard to believe that we are a month from Christmas Break. Wow!

    These are the sight words we are working on. Please feel free to go over them with your child or to make flash cards or to have them point them out as you are reading favorite books.  The children are doing so well and I think many smiles will happen when you see the progress they are making!

      of, on, so, be, my, I like, we, you, do, the she, he, to, it, in, see, at, all, a, and, is, me, pattern, core, repeat (last three are math words)

also..will, with, said, love, look

   Children bring work home three days a week. A few times it was twice.  Thanks for listening to them read, helping with tricky work or going over ring words.  *** When you see the math sheets coming please remember to check the lower right corner. There is a home connection box. It gives helpful hints that can be easily done at home or on the road to help re-enforce cerrent concepts.