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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Student safety is our number one priority everyday.  Since school started, there have been several concerns brought to my attention from the bus drivers  about students who seem to have difficulty following the school bus  rules.  If a child does not follow a safety rule, everyone on board is at risk. 


Effective immediately, there will be no more warnings.  The bus drivers  have been instructed  to notify me of any discipline problems  they may be experiencing.  They are to report to me daily if they have any issues with student discipline on the bus.  If your child is reported to me, I will call the parent or guardian to inform them that the child will not be permitted to travel on the bus the next day. 


If the child breaks a rule the second time, they will not be permitted to travel on the bus for 3 days.  A third  time will result in suspension from the bus for the remainder of the year, if there is no improvement.         


I ask that you speak to your child about the importance of remaining in their seats and keeping their hands to themselves during bus rides.  The bus driver needs to focus on the road and not on student activity for safety reasons.


If you have any questions or concerns, call me at the school at 902 295-3491 or 902 295-1757 or 902 295-3009 or email me at


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Marjorie Pierro