PAL (Physically Active Lifestyles)





INSTRUCTOR:  Jamie White


INSTRUCTIONAL TIME: 5 periods/cycle (3 instructional, 2 activity)


TEXT: Personal Fitness: Looking Good, Feeling Good


OBJECTIVE: The objective of Physically Active Lifestyles is to create an awareness of the importance of physical activity, physical health and to enable students to make wise lifestyle choices. This course will take place in the classroom as well as the gymnasium or any other venues that are available to us.

            The theory aspect will discuss the body and how important physical fitness is to all aspects of an individual.  The activity portion of the course will expose students to a variety of activities which are perhaps more likely to become lifelong activities for many individuals as opposed to more traditional Phys. Ed. Activities.


POTENTIAL ACTIVITIES: Canoeing , Kayaking, Hiking, Back Packing Snowshoeing, Orienteering, Survival Techniques, Curling, Driving Range, Golfing, Weight Training, Cardiovascular Activities ( Running, Walking, Aerobics, Tae-Bo), Archery, Fitness Testing, Ringette, Swimming, Bowling, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Tennis, Camping, Ice Skating, Ice Hockey, Geocaching



GRADING:   Participation and Effort   -30%

                        Attendance                      -15%

                        Class Mark                      -10%

                        Tests                                -20%

                        Exam                               -25%




* Students must pass the participation component of the grade. (EX. If a student does not pass  the participation component, that student will not receive credit for the course, regardless of the overall mark.)

* Students must have a doctor’s not if they miss a test or quiz.  If a doctor’s note is not received, a zero will be the test mark!!!

* All absences must be accompanied with a valid written excuse, or communication between the parent/guardian and the school must be established. 

* Nine total absences, will mean the student will not be permitted to write the PAL exam.