Classroom Notes 2021-2022


Welcome back!       


Always treat others with respect.


All school rules will be enforced in the lab.


Students will be required to wear masks all day except while eating and drinking.


No food or drink (only water) in the lab during class time.


Cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, etc. are not allowed during class time without permission.  Any student caught using a cell phone during class will be marked absent, and will be reported to the office.


Any student who arrives after the door to the lab has closed is considered late, and must report to the office area. Any student who arrives more than 10 minutes late will be marked absent.


One credit is granted if the student's grade is 50% or higher.


High school exams are worth 25% of the final mark.


Attendance is worth 15% of the final mark.


Failure to turn in assignments on the due date will lose 10%.  Any assignment three or more days late will be counted as zero.


Fire exit is through the lab door...walk around the school to the front.


Students must use "Sign In/Out" sheet.