Team Teaching Grades 3 to 6

Team Teaching Grades 3 to 6


April 2015.


On January 12, 2015, the grade three, four, five and six teachers at Wagmatcookewey  School started team teaching.  Team teaching means that each teacher teaches one or two specific subjects to different classes.  The team teaching provides consistency and continuity for the students, as well as an exposure to different teaching techniques and styles.  The teacher also gets an overview of what skills are taught in each specific subject and what skills need to be improved, as the student progresses in school.  Each week the team teachers meet to share ideas and discuss the children’s progress, often discussing ways to help individual children.


Cathy Cooper has grade 3 homeroom and she teaches grade 3 to 6 Language Arts and levels H to M in Guided Reading.  James Young has grade 4 homeroom and he teaches, Grade 3 to 6 Science, Computer Tech and levels M to S in Guided Reading. Wayne Morris has grade 5 homeroom and he teaches Grades 3 to 6 Health, Social Studies and levels Y to Z in Guided Reading.  Fred Matthews has grade 6 homeroom and he teaches grades 3,4 and 6 Math, as well as levels S to W in Guided Reading.  Corinne Phillips teaches levels A to H in Guided Reading.  Ann Peck teaches grades 3 to 6 Art, Religion and Grade 6 Math resource.  Louise Simon teaches grades 3 to 6 Mi’kmaqLanguage and Culture.  Brent Nicholson teaches Grade 5 Math. Jamie White continues to teach grades 3 to 6 Physical Education.


Homework is assigned each night from Monday to Thursday in different subjects. A list of homework assigned each night is attached to the back of this note. Homework is expected to be completed and passed into the teacher the next day.  All homework is a repeat of work completed in class.Please make sure your child’s homework is completed each day, as homework is counted as part of the overall marks of the students.


The teachers feel positive about team teaching and how it is benefitting all the students involved.  If you have any questions or concerns or have any ideas and suggestions for team teaching, please feel to contact us at the school.