This Week's Virtue is Faithfulness

Faithfulness is being loyal to our beliefs regardless of what happens. We do our work the best way that we can.


It is being true to the people we love. They know we will not abandon them or violate the sacred trust between us. Faithfulness through the changes and tests of time is a sign of lasting love. Faithful friendship is one of life’s greatest treasures.” You are faithful when:

  • You will never take away your love for your family and friends
  • You can be trusted to fulfill promises and commitments
  •  You put the welfare of others ahead of their own welfare.

·          You keep secrets and refuse to repeat unkind things

others have said, being forgiving even if your feelings

are hurt, and doing what you say you will do.


If you have a dog, you understand faithfulness

Your dog will wait for you to come home,

watch for your arrival, follow you around the

house or yard and stay close to you while you work

or play, and choose to come and be petted by you

rather than a stranger.


Faithfulness in religion refers to always trusting God and believing in him.