Cathy Cooper

A special hello to the new grade three students. I am SOOOO excited to be your new teacher.We will have an awesome year.I can't wait to see you on Tuesday. Remember to wear sneakers as we will have an assembly in the gym our first day back.

It is hard to believe that our Third Term is over soon. The old saying “Time Flies When You Are Having Fun" comes to mind and we are having fun in Grade Three.

We have been doing Science Experiments and learning all sorts of cool stuff. From Magic Milk to Burping Bottles our experiments have almost all been done. We are having a Science fair on April 8th and we hope that you can come out and see all our experiments. I am learning too. Thanks to Carter, I now know that Pluto is no longer considered a planet!

We have begun multiplying and dividing in Mathematics. The students were so anxious. They have heard the older students talking about these operations and wondered what the mystery was. One of the students said the other day when we started division. “Oh, now I know. This is cinchy!"

We just finished learning about government in Social Studies and will soon be finishing up a unit about drugs and medicines in health.

The students are enjoying their pen pals and have now written two letters and received one. They have been reading every single day and I have had to dig out extra books for some of the avid readers who have read almost all the books at their level!

We are coming to the last stretch of our school year and these students have worked hard all through the winter months. I am so proud of them!Hopefully soon these cold winter months will be behind us and we can enjoy warmer weather.

Grade Three students have been learning and growing by leaps and bounds.Children rarely loose control and get upset now. They are learning ways to handle emotions and upsets. I am very proud of their growth.We have been practicing our social skills and learning a new virtue every week. It is really making a difference.

We have been reading, reading , and reading.The WOW reading challenge has encouraged children to read as much as they can and to record the number of books that they read.I catch children reading during free time, recess time, and even when waiting for the bus.It is very exciting to watch their reading levels climb.

Our class has begun writing letters to the grade three class  at Baddeck School.We hope to meet them later in the year and maybe our pen pals can become friends in person.

We have just finished units in Health, Science and Social Studies and are ready to begin new ones very soon. Please take the time to look at their unit quizs and to talk to them about what they have learned. They love to share.

Our big focus in math right now is addition and subtraction of two digit numbers. Some children find this challenging but I love the way that they persist and still enjoy Math class to the fullest.

Anna K came to visit our class and helped with a reading lesson. She even got to watch our play The Six Billy Goats during one of our first practice sessions.Thank you Anna K. We enjoyed having you and would like to extend the invitation to you to come anytime. We welcome visitors.

This has been a wonderful week with lots of examples of our seven teachings being demonstrated.

We are learning to use the dictionary and students have been looking up words and practicing alphabetical order. You can help them at home. They would love to find names in the phone book!

We are continuing to practice our reading strategies to help us with unknown words when we are reading. We have given some of them animal names to help us remember. There is Eagle Eye( looking at the picture , the word shape, the letters). There is Chunky Monkey where we look at known word parts. There is Stretchy Snake where we stretch out the word and listen for sounds. There is Lips the Fish where we get our lips ready to make the first sound. There is Skippy Frog where we skip the word, read to the end of the sentence and then go back to try it again. This week we are breaking words into syllables or word apart to help us figure out those unknown words and we know that we always have to see if our word looks right, sounds right and makes sense.

We have just started a class book called The Christmas Problem. It will be a collection of short stories written and illustrated by the students. I can't wait to read the finished project. The students are working hard!

We have started a new init in Science called structures and we'll keep you posted.

In Math, we are almost finished another unit .We are finding the missing number in basic addition and subtraction equations. The students found this a little challenging at first but as usual, are getting excited at the challenge and surprising me every day with how much they are learning!

Thank you Wilma for the interesting talk on anti-bullying and how to use our hands to be helpful and not hurtful. We enjoyed your visit!

Grade Threes are learning so much and having tons of fun at the same time! We are learning about how the senses work in Health and yesterday, the children held their noses, closed their eyes and had to guess if they were eating a piece of orange or a piece of lemon. Some actaully could not tell, until they unpinched their noses!

The students are writing rhyming couplets- two lines that rhyme at the end and sometimes havea silly theme. An example is:

I saw a dog

Going for a jog

The children are quite good at these and have a blast writing them. This is a lead up to more developed poetry and a fun thing that you can try at home. You just give a first line, and see if your child can say the next line.

In Math we have been partitioning numbers. This is a big word, but one that the students caught on to very quickly. Ask threm to tell you about it?

Reading is happening all the time and levels are improving. Happy, happy times for this teacher and her class!

We are almost finished our first term and the students are doing wonderfully.They have just completed their second Math unit and brought home some of their work and the unit test.Please take a few minutes to review it with them. I am so PROUD of their efforts. We are continuing to learn about Nova Scotia in Social Studies, handwashing and how the senses work in Health and we are going to start a new unit about structures in Science.I have just about completed the second round of Reading Records ( a way of measuring students reading levels) and the children have almost all shown improvement.Thier writing has grown by leaps and bounds. I am also very proud of their behavior and how mature they are growing.We have been practicing the seven teachings and concentrating  on patience. We are now focusing on Humilty and they are understanding it really well.As I tell them every day, I am a lucky teacher!

Grade Three students have begun writing creepy halloween stories and it has caught on! The students are now in a writing frenzy and are constantly asking to write.We are beginning to experiment with different types of writing, both fictional and non-fictional. If your child decides to write at home, here are the things that I am asking them to remember when they write. Lets help those busy little authors do their best work!

1. Did they leave spaces between their words?

2.Did they make their letters neatly?

3. Did they use their own spelling to write by themselves?

4.. Can they choose ideas by themselves?

5. Did they use capitals and periods?

6. Can they write 5 or more sentences?

7. Did they write about their feelings or opinions?

Grade threes have been writing the Nova Scotia Assessessment for reading and writing.The assessment results provide information about your child’s performance in reading and writing. These results are used by teachers, together with classroom assessment information, to inform instructional decisions that are best suited to your child.They have been very busy with these assessments, Nitap day, Terry Fox and Treaty Day celebrations.The month of September has seen us start off the year with a great beginning and lots of cultural, academic, social, emotional, and physical growth.

The children seem to enjoy a few websites that you might like to check out- is definitely their favorite.You need a membership, but there are a few free movies every month that are fun. A great math site is This one is full of free math games that they love to play.

All Tery Fox money collected should be returned to the school by Monday.

Grade Three so far has been filled with happy smiles and lots of learning.

Just so you would have an answer to " What did you learn today?" rather than the typical "nothing "or  "stuff ", I thought I'd fill you in on what we have been learning.

In Language Arts we have been learning about contractions, beginning clusters, how to spell words with word boxes and doing lots of reading and writing. Guided Reading has not begun yet, as assessment needs to be completed before groups are formed.

What you can do at home: Listen to your child read as much as possible and encourage writing situations ( letters, grocery notes, cards, etc)

 In Math, we have learned some patterns and have begun counting by 2's 5's and 10's.

What you can do at home:Practice counting by 2's and start at all different numbers, like 2,4, 6  ...and 3, 5, 7... This can be a fun game when you are driving in the car, waiting at the dentist etc.

Science, Health and Social Studies is fun! We are learning about forces, magnetism, teeth, and where we live: our street, community, province, country, continent, and planet.

We have homework Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but none on the weekends. It is designed to not be difficult but to encourage good habits and to keep parents in touch with what we are lerning.Any time that a student cannot complete homework, it is not a big deal and can be done and returned at a later date.

We are all enjoying our learning!


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