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  Hi to all moms, dads and families!

    Sneakers!!  Please send in a pair of sneakers for your child. A pair that can stay here would be the best.  Wearing boots all day makes for very hot and sweaty feet.  Also your child may not be able to play during phys.ed. class. We try to find shoes they can borrow but it doesn't always happen


   School book bags.  Please see that your child does his/her homework and have them bring the bag back to school the next day.  We have talked about where they could pit it so they would remember and we thought if they put it on top of their boots or hanging next to their jacket, they would be able to remember.  Thanks again for all of you who help your child with their homework or listen to them read.




   Good afternoon to all!

     Well, it's hard to believe that we are a month from Christmas Break. Wow!

    These are the sight words we are working on. Please feel free to go over them with your child or to make flash cards or to have them point them out as you are reading favorite books.  The children are doing so well and I think many smiles will happen when you see the progress they are making!

      of, on, so, be, my, I like, we, you, do, the she, he, to, it, in, see, at, all, a, and, is, me, pattern, core, repeat (last three are math words)

also..will, with, said, love, look

   Children bring work home three days a week. A few times it was twice.  Thanks for listening to them read, helping with tricky work or going over ring words.  *** When you see the math sheets coming please remember to check the lower right corner. There is a home connection box. It gives helpful hints that can be easily done at home or on the road to help re-enforce cerrent concepts.



Due Date: 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hi everyone!

   Well the children certainly are coming along with learning their words.  This week we have added six new words and they are: she, like, he, you, do, me

   The children are bringing home a book to read as well as a sheet with the sight words on it and sentences to read. They are asked to circle the sight words as they find them in the sentences. Then to print the words in the open space below.

   Reminder:  We are heading out to Hank's farm on Friday Ocyober 25th, 2013.  If anyone hasn't brought in the $5 please do so before  Friday.  Thank you!


  Hi everyone!

     We are practing our sight words in all sorts of ways and today you see that your child brought home word rings.  There is also a sheet to go with the rings.

    Please practice looking at the words, on the rings and then find them in the sentences. While your child is reading ask them to put their finger UNDER each word as they read.

    We have added two new words to our list so now we have 12. Everyone is trying hard to learn these words so all the help you can give at home will help your child a lot! Our words are; see, to, we, at, is, it, I, the, in, a, and, all  
***If you ask your child to practice writing these words please make sure they are using lower case letters. In grade 1 we only use upper case if it's a name, place or at the start of a sentence.****

  We have also started an online English language program called Ooka Island.  They are lovining it!  This one can only be done at school but here is one you can access at home that you might enjoy with your child(or on their own if you see they are capable)   (It does many different grades, but don't keep your child from exploring differnt grdae activities)





  Good afternoon!

   These are the worrds we have added this week, to our list.  We will stay with these 10 words until everyone knows how to read them in a sentence as well as seeing them on their own.  Anytime you want to ask your child these words please feel free.  Perhaps you might even wat to make up some flash cards.  Keep it fun!

       we    to   is   it    at                last week:  see    I    the    in    a

I have also sent home, again, Tueday's work in case you threw it out.  It's a good idea to keep it handy until your child can read the sentences without any help from you.  There is also a note on the top.

Thank you



  Sundae Sale on Thursday!  1 scoop - $2  2 scoops - $3 Vanilla Ice Cream with choices of sauce and sprinkles.  Notices coming home today and tomorrow.

  Watch for homework coming home tomorrow, with new words and sentences to read.  Practice is the key!

  If anyone has Photo Release forms and Dental Request forms at home please sign and return to school with your child. 

Thank you everyone!



  Good Morning!

     Today your child is bringing home a book which we wrote as a class.  They did the illustrations (we are learning that people who draw pictures in a book are called illustrators so they are listed as the illistrator on the front cover.

  They CAN keep this book at home. PLEASE ask them to put their finger UNDER THE WORDS as they read. We are practicing one to one matching.




  Hi mom and dads,

     The math pages you see coming home these days are one where we are practicing counting.  We are noticing that when we count we match one object with one number. We are also practicing printing the numbers 0 - 10. These can be tricky so practice and patience is important.

   **Please check out the HOME CONNECTION section at the lower right corner, for ideas on how to help your child at home.**




  Today I sent home a sheet with 5 sight words to get us started.  These are words that are seen in so many places that it's great to get them under our belt. Please read the sentences with your child and have them show you the new words. There are students who already know them and as time goes on they will get words specifially choosen for them.  I chose to start with these as to do them as a class so they can get used to the new routines.

  Here are the words;    I, in,  a,  see, the

Thank you,



   Good afternoon moms, dads and guardians!

    We are off to a great start and I am so happy with my terrific new class.  We are having fun so far and laughs along the way.

I want to remind you to send in the 'Request for Dental Care' from, if you haven't already.

I am also sending home today a letter explaining what we are doing in Math.  We have started a unit called Representing Numbers to 20.  It says Unit 2 at the top but this is actually the first unit we  do.  The letter gives you a break down of topics we will be coveing in this unit.  The front of the page tell you about the focus we are doing at the moment.  On the bottom right hand corner there is a HOME CONNECTION activity. This is a quick fun activity that lets you know  what we are currently doing as well as a fun pratice for your child.

Thank you!


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