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Please view the attached documents regarding N.A.I.G. try outs.  If you need anymore information, please come see me.

Mr. White

Due Date: 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

- continue reading chapter 1 (pg. 6-13)






1.  No food or drink in the gym.


2. Students are expected to participate in all activities.  If for some reason a student does not participate, they are given the option to walk around the gym to stay active. 


3. Students are not permitted do home work during PE class..


4. Students must ask to use the washroom or to get a drink


5. Students will not be granted permission to leave the class to get their homework or to go get something they need, even if it is the last class of the day.  You are expected to take everything you need to go home when you come up to the gym.


6.  Students must not have anything in their mouth during class.


7. Any jewelry must be removed.


8. No swearing.


9. Respect the equipment. Abuse of the equipment will not be tolerated!


10. Respect your teacher and your classmates.


11. When you hear the whistle, stop what you are doing immediately, and quietly listen for instructions.


12. Sneakers MUST be worn.  Any footwear other than sneakers m ust be taken off before entering the gym.  This includes: shoes, boots, flip flops, sandals, etc



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