Louise Witzell

Dear Parents/Guardians

       The Primary class will be doing a earthworm activity tomorrow and this might get messy!

You might want to send  your child to school with clothes that would be ok to get dirty.


The Primary class will be selling tickets on a 12 inch Mon Rider super Bike.

This is part of our virtue: Service.

All Proceeds will go to IWK Telethon and draw date will be May 28.2014

The Primary class was at the Elder Center today to do some valentine crafts,have lunch and spend time with our elder.Thank you for a nawesome day Nano from the primary students!

The students took home their second book called Rex to read at home,please read the booklet with your child.

The students will be going skating on Friday,Feb.14th.

The Primary class is on a letter Gg and we will be making gingerbread man to decorate and eat. We will also be decorating our Christmas tree.

Our class has started a What Counts In Primary is a new idea we started and the students and the teacher has decided what was important as a rule  in the class/cafeteria/outside and gym assembly,you are awarded for good behavior. your child will be coming home with a prize they choose .

I would like to start a dress up /play center with  the students, we would appreciate any costumes,hats.dress up clothes,shoes anything that can be used for dress up center.




Congratulations to Karmalyn Bernard for winning the art contest!!

Due Date: 

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Primary has  done letter Cc and is on letter Dd. there are songs your child has learned to go with the letter.

If anyone has costumes that are not being used and wondering what to do with them.The Prtimary class would like to have them to use for our

Halloween song. we are looking for witches,batman,spiderman, zombie,cat, superman and anything we can use.


The Hank's Farm trip for Kindergarten to grade 1 has been rescheduled till Ocober 25. The cancelllation is due to the rainy day!

The Primary class along with thier teachers  Louise & Mary Anne wish everyone a great thanksgiving weekend!

A big Thank you to Dana, Pauline & Sylvia for preparing a awesome Turkey  dinner for our  School family dinner!

Thank you to our Priest & elders for the mass & their visit to our school.

The Primary class students took their Terry Fox permissions slips home.

The students took home a outline of what they will be learning in math and included ideas for doing math with your child.

We are on letter Bb,please have your child sing you a song.


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