Film and Video Production 12

Film and Video Production 12 (Academic, 1 credit)

Film and Video Production 12 students will acquire the fundamentals of script writing, directing, cinematography, sound recording and editing.  Students will use computers and tablets, cameras and camcorders, video editing software, etc.


Units include:

Historical and cultural aspects of film:  Canadian Film Industry

Careers in the film industry

Basic camera operation

Film development and production


Throughout the course students will view and review several of the “100 Greatest Films” from the 1950’s until the present.


Course evaluation:

There will be NO final exam in the course.  Assignment deadlines are important!  Late assignments will be deducted 10% per day, and will not be accepted after the 3rd day.

Attendance:  15%

Class Mark:  10%

Assignments:  75%


Which Audio File Format is Right For You?



Film and Video Production 12:  Cyberlink Power Director

In this lesson you will create a video about Christmas.  Set a happy mood...


Create a folder called “Christmas”.  Save images (high quality) of the “12 days” to your folder.  For example, one image would be “5 Golden Rings”.


Use the Internet (YouTube) to find background music (“The Twelve Days of Christmas”) for your video.  Save the video, and convert the file to mp3. 


Your video must contain the following:

-A beginning slide with:

        Title, Name, Date, Class

-A “Snow” video effect

-Transitions between images


Timing is important...all images must match with the music.

Save and Produce your video.