Vince Budge

Science 10 "Motion"

Chemistry 11 "Periodic Table"

Early Atomic Theory Quiz

Friday, October 30th

Study notes, handouts, and Slides presentation

On Friday, October 9th, students in Science 10 and Chemistry 11 will have their first test.  It is important that students are present to take the test. 


Make-up tests will not be given without a legitimate reason for absence (e.g., court, illness with letter from physician, etc.). 


Progress reports will be going out soon.  Marks will be based on:

Attendance 15%

Class Mark 5%

Test (October 9th) 20%

E-learning 40%

In-class assignments 20%

Science 10


Chemistry 11


Food chains

Entrepreneurship 12 "The Great Cookie Company Project"

Biology 12 Written Report

The Hidden Life in Pond Water

Life in a Drop of Water - Aquatic Organisms under the Microscope (x1000)

Pond Identification Sheet



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